Art for the Kitchen

Art for the Kitchen

As a food hobbyist, naturally my favourite room in the home is the kitchen!  And although I normally leave opinions on home decor to my friend and fellow blogger Designwali, I was a bit inspired since this Thursday I will

Afternoon Tea with the Girlfriends

My first afternoon tea experience ever was at the Four Seasons in Toronto and I’ve compared every subsequent afternoon tea to it.  Since then, I’ve been to London and frankly the British know how to do tea – however, the

Triple Berry Crumble

It is now week 2 of my “no refined sugar” challenge and I must admit, I’m feeling much better and lighter than when I started.  This past long “Family Day” weekend, my friend S invited the usual gang for an

Restaurant of the Month: Campagnolo

If you love italian, you will love this Campagnolo!  Like Black Hoof (January’s restaurant of the month), I found this restaurant on enRoute magazine and seeing that it is located just a few shops down from Black Hoof, I figure,

Korean anyone?

Some of the best flavourful foods come from unassuming dives, restaurants so small that if you don’t look carefully you may just miss it!  Ka chi is just that…..a korean restaurant in Toronto that serves some of the best tasting

Tim Hortons Latte Anyone?

Tim Hortons Latte Anyone?

Hi, welcome to Tim Hortons – would you like to try our new Latte? For those that know me well know that I’m a sucker for new products and will try anything once!  One of my addictions is coffee/espresso –

Homemade Granola

Over the weekend I was challenged to go the next 30 days without consuming any processed sugar (i.e. white sugar, brown sugar or corn syrup, etc.).  Sugar is in practically everything we eat, especially if you eat a lot of

Winterlicious Toronto: Scarpetta

Winterlicious Toronto: Scarpetta

Like a lot of major cities, Toronto also has a restaurant week every winter called Winterlicious.  Its a fantastic concept where for a reasonable set price you can enjoy a three course meal at some top notch restaurants across the

Field Trip: Murray Street in Ottawa

Last week I was able to do a bit of travelling as my day job took me to my nation’s capital – Ottawa, Canada.  When I discovered January’s restaurant of the month, Black Hoof, another nose to tail kitchen called

Birthday Celebrations @ Wvurst

Happy Birthday H! I know it has been a few days since my last blog post – I was visiting Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) on business and I was able to sneak in a great meal there during my stay –