Grand Cayman: Champion House

With such gourmet restaurants and food around it was surprisingly difficult to find some decent food for lunch nearby the office.  Speaking to my colleagues, coming to Grand Cayman and not have rice and beans would be sacrilage so I

Grand Cayman: Cimboco

Its been two weeks since my last post and boy, have I missed writing!  Where have I been, you ask?  To my surprise, I was unexpectedly asked to go to the Grand Cayman Island for a whole week on business!

Panda Bear Bread

Awhile back, my friend H sent me a Pinterest post that she came across called Panda Bear Bread.  So we decided to take up the challenge of making panda bread a couple of weekends ago.   Its definitely not as

Classic and Elegant

Classic and Elegant

My friend E is getting married this summer, in 7 weeks to be exact and this past Sunday was her bridal shower.  Her taste is very classic and elegant which was so evident in every aspect of her shower.  When

Japan 2012: Happy Mother’s Day

Today’s post is for my mom and to my favourite moms out there 🙂 These photos were taken when my mom and I took a stroll along the famous Meguro River on our last day in Japan to view the

Triple Berry Crumble

It is now week 2 of my “no refined sugar” challenge and I must admit, I’m feeling much better and lighter than when I started.  This past long “Family Day” weekend, my friend S invited the usual gang for an

Tim Hortons Latte Anyone?

Tim Hortons Latte Anyone?

Hi, welcome to Tim Hortons – would you like to try our new Latte? For those that know me well know that I’m a sucker for new products and will try anything once!  One of my addictions is coffee/espresso –

Homemade Granola

Over the weekend I was challenged to go the next 30 days without consuming any processed sugar (i.e. white sugar, brown sugar or corn syrup, etc.).  Sugar is in practically everything we eat, especially if you eat a lot of

BlogPodium @ IDS 2012

I had a fabulous start to this past weekend and decided to take a vacation day from my day job and attend BlogPodium’s “Blogs + Media” event at the IDS (Interior Design Show) 2012.  My friend Designwali encouraged me to

Wine & Cheese Night

We all once worked together and I love the fact that we all continue to regularly stay in touch, especially when its over some good wine and a butcher block full of cheeses. On the menu: Cheeses – gouda, smoked