Happy Halloween!

For all the Halloween partiers, this past weekend was “the weekend” for Halloween parties.  I had two parties on Saturday night and so I had to split my time between the two.  As a result, I was only able to

Easy Peasy Paella

Dare I say rice cooker and paella in the same sentence!  That’s right, a simple way to make paella where you won’t need to slave over the stove top.  My fellow teammate on my dragonboat team JS casually mentioned a

Restaurant of the Month: Origin Liberty

Looking back to the summer of 2012, it has been a wonderful  season full of paddling, going out with great friends and a ton of good eats! So much so that I still have so much more I want to

Vancouver: Tokyo Joe

From Kamloops I travelled to Vancouver for two nights to wind up my trip out to the west coast for business.  And I couldn’t leave lovely British Columbia without eating some sushi so my colleague brought me to a place

Kamloops: Terra Restaurant

One of the advantages of travelling for work is that I get to travel to places in Canada that I probably would normally never visit otherwise and this time, it was to Kamloops and Abbotsford both located in beautiful British

Dinner Party: September Birthdays!

We’ve still been going strong with the rolling dinner party tour and for the month of September the stop was at my fellow teammate M’s condo.  Not only was she hosting but it was her birthday as well.  What was

Grand Cayman: Luca

With work done for the week, I had one last night in Grand Cayman before my colleague D and I flew out and we wanted to have one last fantastic meal.  With the help of our concierge we headed to

Grand Cayman: Champion House

With such gourmet restaurants and food around it was surprisingly difficult to find some decent food for lunch nearby the office.  Speaking to my colleagues, coming to Grand Cayman and not have rice and beans would be sacrilage so I

Happy Thanksgiving!

We do turkey three times a year so I’m always looking forward to the holidays especially when it involves the “big bird”.  And every time we do turkey, well, I only know how to do turkey the way my mom

Grand Cayman: Turtle Burger & Things

Please do not be taken aback by the title but yes, I did eat turtle while I was in Grand Cayman.  And I must say, I didn’t feel one ounce of guilt whatsoever 🙂  The turtle was used instead of