East Coast Roadtrip: Hella's

There were two places that I needed to come back and visit on my trip back to Tarpon Springs, Rusty Bellies (check my previous post) and Hellas.  I love greek desserts, everything from baklava to their cookies…they are all delicious.

East Coat Roadtrip: Rusty Bellies

The last time I was in Tarpon Springs I had some of the best steamed seafood here at Rusty Bellies so I had to go back.  And yes, I ordered the same thing.  I couldn’t help myself, the Rusty pot

East Coast Roadtrip: Leopold's Ice Cream

After doing a bit of food research online, did you know that Tutti Frutti flavour was invented in Savannah?  Who knew?  And one of the original’s of Tutti Frutti ice cream is Leopold’s Ice Cream, an institution in Savannah, Georgia.

East Coast Roadtrip: Martha Lou's Kitchen

Just like the Daily (my previous post), I also discovered Martha Lou’s Kitchen from a fellow Instagrammer.  Really hard to miss, the bright pink and colourful exterior is located in the middle of an industrial neighborhood just north of Charleston’s

East Coast Roadtrip: The Daily

Following other bloggers/instagramers is awesome because you find gems like this.  And I’m always on a mission to find a good cup of iced joe (aka, coffee) and we found it here at the Daily.  Owned by the Butcher &

East Coast Roadtrip: The Belmont

So prior to our trip, S read a feature in the Globe and Mail on Charleston.  The Belmont was listed as a hip place to grab a drink with great bartenders making great cocktails……and the writer was right.  What a

East Coast Roadtrip: Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

Who would have known that on our way to a local bar for a night cap that we would pass a brightly lit window with a line up to the door that stopped us in our tracks long enough to

East Coast Roadtrip: The Village Cafe

This was a bit of an unexpected stop which is what I love about touring in a car, its these types of things that you tend miss if you were taking a train or plane.  Leaving Washington DC, we started

East Coast Roadtrip: Georgetown Cupcake

Right from the get go when we started planning this trip, I was told that going to Georgetown Cupcake is a MUST!  I did know of Georgetown Cupcake as I did watch an episode or two of the famous “DC

East Coast Roadtrip: Founding Farmers

In doing some research on where to have dinner in our only night in Washington DC, my friend I came across a restaurant called the Founding Farmers.  Just like the name suggests, the restaurant is owned by American family farmers