London: M&S

Canadian grocery stores are getting better (thank you President’s Choice) but the department stores definitely need to catch up when it comes to food halls.  Oh, how I miss the good old days before Marks & Spencer decided to close

London: Connaught Hotel Afternoon Tea

Second to my love for London, is my love for afternoon tea!  I realize its origins are from “Royalty and High society” but its now become a great way to get together and catch up among friends, which is exactly

London: Ruby Dock Cafe

We visited Camden Lock Market on an early Wednesday morning and of course, we planned on finding a place there to have breakfast and our most important morning coffee! Roaming through the alleys we came upon Ruby Dock Cafe.  With

London: Camden Lock Market

London: Camden Lock Market

Its been 13 years since the last time I was at Camden Lock Market and a lot has changed!  From what I remember about the market, the majority of the vendors sold goods like clothing, art, housewares, etc.  Food now