I have this secret love for grocery stores.  When I travel, I try to at least visit one grocery store, usually a big chain store because of its category and product selection.  I love roaming aimlessly through each lane reading

Panda Bear Bread

Awhile back, my friend H sent me a Pinterest post that she came across called Panda Bear Bread.  So we decided to take up the challenge of making panda bread a couple of weekends ago.   Its definitely not as

The CNE!

The opening of the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) always signifies the end of summer in Toronto.  The CNE is only open for 17 days a year ending on Labour Day holiday with its famous air show.  I’ve never been to

Restaurant of the Month: Kinton

You all know how much I love asian food, especially Japanese so when the owners of Guu opened up a noodle house, you know I just had to try it out!  Just like Guu, line ups are a regular at

Dinner Party: Indian Tapas

Throughout the summer, we have been taking turns hosting dinner parties and the this month, it was my friend S’s turn.  Her theme, Indian!  Now I grew up in a predominately Sikh Indian neighborhood northwest of Toronto so samosas, pakoras

Happy Birthday to Me!

I’m not one to advertise my birthday well, with the exception of this post 🙂  Its my birthday today and over the weekend, my friends surprised me with cupcakes at a little dinner party!  Caught by surprise, with candles and

Chinese Wedding Reception

I’ve only been to one other Chinese wedding in my lifetime so I was excited to be attending my friend E’s dinner reception.  The dinner was hosted at Yang’s Fine Chinese Cuisine in Richmond Hill (North of Toronto).  And from

After Wedding Tea Reception

Earlier this year, my friend E asked us (G, H and M) for help with her wedding in planning her tea reception that she was going to hold immediately after her wedding ceremony.  She wanted to keep her dinner reception

London: Borough Market

One of my favourite places to go in London is to Borough Market.  Some of you may recognize it from the famous movie Bridget Jone’s Diary – Bridget’s flat was located at one of the many entrances to the market

London: Aqua Kyoto

London: Aqua Kyoto

We all know that London, England has some of the best restaurants in the world and one of the advantages of having friends who call London their home is getting to hear some of their restaurant adventures!  An although I’ve