Dinner Party: Indian Tapas

Throughout the summer, we have been taking turns hosting dinner parties and the this month, it was my friend S’s turn.  Her theme, Indian!  Now I grew up in a predominately Sikh Indian neighborhood northwest of Toronto so samosas, pakoras and butter chicken are very familiar to me 🙂  These dishes however, are the Indian flavours that S grew up with and she started with a mango inspired bellini cocktail, which was light and refreshing with cubes of mango floating in the glass.  Then came the food: butter chicken (homemade!), paneer cutlets, chickpea salad and more.  Everything was so flavourful and that’s what I love about Indian food – it is so well seasoned with spices, every so often I actually crave it!  What a fantastic dinner!

Mango Bellini

Paneer cutlets – a fresh cheese used mostly in Indian cuisine.

Mini potatoes – this was a hands on dish where the tortilla chips were used as a base with a filling of mini potatoes and chiwda mix, then topped with your choice of chutneys (tamarind, mint, etc.).

Spicy grilled shrimp

Mint sandwiches

Chickpea salad

Butter Chicken – one of the best homemade butter chicken dishes I have had with the perfect amount of butter and tomatoes.

Dessert – fruit salad with condensed milk and a touch of banana liqueur.











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