Denmark: Nelle's & Bager

Lucky me, right after my trip to California I took off to Denmark for 10 days.  By now, most of you know how I like to travel and over the next few weeks I’ll be highlighting all the great places

California: Parks BBQ

Its been a few weeks now and I’m writing my final California post from my 2014 trip.  Its hard to believe that I was only in Southern California for 6 days and was able to experience so much.  My last

California: Tatsu

You would think that from my recent posts I’ve missed Japanese food and well, I have!  As much as I like to think that Toronto is a cosmopolitan city with great asian cuisine, it just doesn’t compare to the west

California: Sugarfish

Sugarfish, another recommendation from our host J, is a Japanese sushi restaurant that is really focused on offering the traditional sushi experience, concentrating on the quality of the ingredients.  There was no asian fusion or maki rolls to be seen

California: Brophy Bros.

There are so many places to travel in California and Santa Barbara was high on my list.  With its history rooted in Spanish influence which is so evident in the architecture, I just had to take a drive up the

California: Hurry Curry of Tokyo

The second major advantage California has going for it besides the incredible weather (and at this time of year, I question myself daily why I don’t live in Cali), is the selection and quality of Asian restaurants available.  My friends