Restaurant of the Month: Bent

I haven’t had a restaurant of the month worth writing about lately but last week, my dinner with three of my girlfriends at Bent Restaurant was one of the best dinner experiences I have had in awhile!  Right when you

Cheese Boutique’s Festival of Chefs!

Its a good thing I have friends who look out for me otherwise I would completely miss awesome events like Cheese Boutique’s 10th Annual Festival of Chefs!  What a unique series of events – every weekend in May, the Cheese

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

It was Mother’s Day yesterday and although we celebrated with a sushi dinner – my sister in law hasn’t eaten sushi for almost 10 months during her pregnancy and now that the baby is born, she’s craving for raw fish


One of my favourite TV shows right now is “Top Chef” and “Top Chef Canada”.  Frankly, I’ve got a bit of a crush on both Tom Colicchio (head chef judge on Top Chef) and Mark McEwan – head chef judge