Bread Making 101

I’m going to admit, although I’m a huge foodie, my true passion doesn’t isn’t cooking but baking!  It started when I was a kid, baking chocolate chip cookies in my parent’s kitchen – my family loved when I baked!  So

Sushi for beginners

My good friend Designwali mentioned to me that her kids have recently been talking about wanting to try sushi.  So I decided to invite them over for a Japanese-themed dinner with sushi and “temaki – handrolls”.  In addition to ordering

Porchetta & Co

To be honest, I first heard about porchetta while watching Eat St. on the Food Network.  Then when I read about Porchetta & Co opening up in Toronto, I had to put it on my ever-growing list of places I

Japan 2012: Kaiten-zushi

I know what you’re thinking….how is it that I have written about Japan for the past five weeks and not mention sushi!  Living in Toronto, there is only one kaiten-zushi or what we call, conveyor-belt sushi, restaurant in the city

Food Truck Eats 2012

I’ve been MIA this past long weekend pre-occupied with my other passion – Dragonboating!  I had training camp for 2 days and the weather was just fabulous which made having to get up early bearable 🙂  And as if getting

Japan 2012: KitKat & Mentos

One of the great things about travelling around Japan is discovering the different regional flavours that are often taken by food companies and incorporated into some of the most popular snack items.  Because of Japan’s gift giving culture, you can

Restaurant of the Month: The County General

It was a mom theme this past weekend and rightly so as Sunday was Mother’s Day.  I kicked off the weekend with brunch at the County General with one of my favourite moms, my friend M.  I’ve heard a lot

Japan 2012: Happy Mother’s Day

Today’s post is for my mom and to my favourite moms out there 🙂 These photos were taken when my mom and I took a stroll along the famous Meguro River on our last day in Japan to view the

Japan 2012: Shaved Ice

As a kid, my favourite thing to eat in the summer time was shaved ice!  In one of my grandmother’s many parcels sent to us, she gave us a koala shaped, hand cranked, shaved ice machine.  We would make shaved

Japan 2012: Okonomiyaki

I still remember the first time I tasted an okonomiyaki.  I was 13 years old and visiting my Aunt and Uncle in Hiroshima that summer and my aunt made this traditional Hiroshima dish on a griddle set in the middle