Bread Making 101

I’m going to admit, although I’m a huge foodie, my true passion doesn’t isn’t cooking but baking!  It started when I was a kid, baking chocolate chip cookies in my parent’s kitchen – my family loved when I baked!  So its only natural that I try my hand at baking other goods like cakes, bars, pastries and bread.  What I found the toughest was bread!  The first and only time I tried making a loaf of white bread, it turned out rock hard so I stayed away from trying it again for some time.  Then I discovered through a friend, a bread basics class offered by the Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts and decided to face my fear head on so my friend S and I signed up.  We learned some great tips and had a lot of fun making, kneading and learning about all the nuances of bread making.  I’m definitely inspired and highly recommend the one day course!  Here we made a honey whole wheat sandwich loaf bread and white pita bread – Sourdough, here I come!

My friend S kneading dough

The first rise of our dough.

After shaping the dough and its second rise.

Homemade honey whole wheat sandwich loaf and white pita bread – I was pretty proud!




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