India: Suruchi Restaurant

After a great visit to the Golden Temple in Amritsar we decided to stop into a nearby restaurant for lunch called Suruchi Unlimited Thalis Service Restaurant. ย The restaurant served all-you-can-eat thalis. ย I had no idea what a thali was before

India: McDonald's

What’s great about fast food joints like McDonald’s is the consistency – you know what you’re going to get! ย And don’t get me wrong, I love experiencing different cultures through food but I’m just as curious how large international food

India: Ladies Sangeet & Mehndi

India: Ladies Sangeet & Mehndi

Indian wedding celebrations last a number of nights and on my third night in India, we had probably the “most fun” night of the wedding at the Ladies Sangeet and Mehndi! ย Why not the reception?….This night is reserved for only