Chinese Wedding Reception

I’ve only been to one other Chinese wedding in my lifetime so I was excited to be attending my friend E’s dinner reception.  The dinner was hosted at Yang’s Fine Chinese Cuisine in Richmond Hill (North of Toronto).  And from what I remember from my friend J’s Chinese wedding reception a number of years ago is the parade of non-stop dinner courses, one after another being delivered family platter style by each server.  Each server would then plate an equal portion for each guest at the table.  Most of the dishes consisted of seafood, some very unique ingredients like abalone and shark fin.  My favourite would have to be the first course – roasted pig!  The skin was absolutely crisp and salty, the only regret was that there was only one piece!  Check out each of the courses!!!

Course 1 – Roasted Pig, my favourite dish of the night!

Course 2 – Broccoli and Shrimp

Course 3 – Scallops and Chinese Cabbage


Course 4 – Shark Fin Soup


Course 5 – Abalone and Spinach

Course 6 – Lobster

Course 7 – Roasted Chicken

Course 8 – Steamed Fish

Course 9 – Noodles and Vegetable Fried Rice


Course 10 – Dessert, butter cookies and red bean stuffed pastry.

Course 11 – Dessert #2, red bean soup with sticky rice (kind of like Japanese mochi).







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