I have this secret love for grocery stores.  When I travel, I try to at least visit one grocery store, usually a big chain store because of its category and product selection.  I love roaming aimlessly through each lane reading labels and comparing prices – I know, sounds boring but I can spend hours doing this 🙂  In Toronto, there are a number of different grocery stores, some national chains and others that are ethnic specific.  Well recently, my friend I introduced me to one called Starsky.  Its an Eastern European grocery store carrying a wide selection of meats, sweets, baked goods, and ready made foods.  One of their specialties is cheesecake – slabs and slabs of different cheesecakes, cut to whatever size you want and sold by weight!  The two slabs I purchased were approximately $10 each – score! To my surprise, these cheesecakes are light, not too sweet and don’t have a crust.  They have so many varieties it becomes hard to choose – I’ve vowed to try a different one each time!  The strudels and the Paczki (Polish donuts) were delicious too!  I will have to try their deli and meats on my next visit which I hope will be sometime soon 🙂

Starsky – Mississauga location.

The chocolate selection is amazing!

Starsky – a slab of their traditional cheesecake.

A slab of their poppyseed cheesecake.

Starsky – traditional raspberry strudel. They sell these in slabs as well so you can purchase any size piece you want.

Traditional Paczki (I hope I got this right? My Polish friends will have to correct me!) or Polish donut – so delicious and comes in so many flavours.

I purchased a raspberry and prune filled Polish donuts – so YUMMY!




  • Aleks Aleks August 31, at 14:59

    OMG, you went to Starsky!? I'm so surprised, would have never thought that you're into Polish/Eastern European cuisine... Yes, it's paczki, you're correct! Next time, I'd love to join you, and we should get a poppyseed strudel, simply delicious (just after cheesecakes!)

    • naokoeats naokoeats September 04, at 20:45

      For sure! Whenever you want to go, I'm game!


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