Field Trip: Murray Street in Ottawa

Last week I was able to do a bit of travelling as my day job took me to my nation’s capital – Ottawa, Canada.  When I discovered January’s restaurant of the month, Black Hoof, another nose to tail kitchen called Murray Street also happened to land on the same top 10 new restaurant list as well.  So I couldn’t help but want to check it out! Its logo is a pig, so of course, the charcuterie was the highlight.  My favourite: the house made roasted duck slices on our charcuterie plate was fantastic – you can really taste the smoke!  For my main dish, southern fried rabbit had a great crispy coating and the grits were creamy with a strong cheddar flavour.  For dessert, spice cake with a steam whistle glaze – the home made beer nuts were a very pleasant surprise!

Murray Street restaurant - Ottawa, Canada

Charcuterie plate (3 meats and 2 cheeses) - roasted duck located at the top right area of the plate

Southern fried rabbit with creamy grits

On Tap - Spice cake with steam whistle glaze




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