Korean anyone?

Some of the best flavourful foods come from unassuming dives, restaurants so small that if you don’t look carefully you may just miss it!  Ka chi is just that…..a korean restaurant in Toronto that serves some of the best tasting korean food I have had.  Their signature dish – pork bone soup!  The chunks of pork on the bones along with potato and bean sprouts in a delicious broth makes this the perfect meal for a cold winter night.  Another traditional Korean dish – bulgogi is fantastic, thinly sliced beef served with slices of zucchini on a hot plate.  What a delicious meal!  And if you order it spicy, which I did (love spicy food!), don’t forget to bring some napkins for your runny nose 🙂

Spicy pork bone soup

Bulgogi - sizzling thinly sliced marinated beef and zucchini

Pork bone soup

Korean side dishes - kimchi, potatoes, seaweed salad and glass noodles

Beef and vegetable pan fried dumplings




  • Sean Sean February 21, at 15:25

    Yay! you put it up. It's as delicious as it looks, and "some napkins"? you might as well wear a rubber rain jacket, because you're going to be drenched. Please one of the best things about these dumplings is the homemade-salty-sweet-garlicky dipping sauce that accompanies it. Kudos for the great pics!


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