Croatia: Dolac Market

Croatia: Dolac Market

I decided to end of the 2015 year with one last post about my trip to Croatia.  If you ask anyone who has travelled with me, they will all tell you that I am “obsessed” (maybe obsessed is a strong

Croatia: Jarunski Dvori

Although we actually stayed in Dubrovnik longer than any other location in Croatia, it was Zagreb that really surprised and excited me from a culinary perspective.  Jarunski Dvori, a restaurant that came as a recommendation from our apartment landlord and

Croatia: Zuzori

Croatia: Zuzori

After arriving in Dubrovnik in the early evening, we headed into the old city to grab a bite to eat.  Meandering through the narrow alleys you soon discover that many restaurants’ interior spaces are much smaller than their outdoor space

Croatia: Ice Cream For Days

Croatia: Ice Cream For Days

So who would have thought ice cream to be one of the best things in Croatia!  Yes, ice cream!  With its proximity to Italy, I guess its not that much of a stretch.  Well, it was so good that I

Croatia: Paradox Wine & Cheese Bar

Up until now, we’ve only been concentrating on tasting Croatian beers but when we arrived in Split, we decided to hit a really popular spot called Paradox Wine & Cheese Bar.  Known for its selection of  local wines and cheeses

Croatia: Trogir

Trogir is a tiny pedestrian only island (with the exception one outer street that connects it to the mainland).  It is a medieval walled town with cobblestone alleys and walkways with a beautiful wide boardwalk with a gorgeous views.  We

Croatia: Pekarna Dalmatinka

For some reason, everywhere I went in Croatia and no matter which bakery I was in, taking photos was forbidden.  A lot of these bakeries don’t have an online presence so perhaps its a way to fight off the competition,

Croatia: Local Beers

Right from night one in Croatia, I was curious with what locals turned to if they wanted a beer.  While travelling across the country there were brands that I would see everywhere like Ozujsko, Pan, Karlovacko and Union.  I gathered

Plitvice Lakes National Park: Plitvice Miric Inn

If you were to ask me what my most memorable meal was in Croatia, it would be this one.  After what seemed like hours (it really only took 90 minutes) of driving through dense forests and windy roads we finally

Pula: Sunday Market

Early Sunday morning after exploring the beautiful Roman Amphitheatre, we stumbled upon a market located just outside the entrance to the amphitheatre and you know me, I had to check it out.  Well, it was a total score!  We discovered