Croatia: Local Beers

Right from night one in Croatia, I was curious with what locals turned to if they wanted a beer.  While travelling across the country there were brands that I would see everywhere like Ozujsko, Pan, Karlovacko and Union.  I gathered these were national brands and most were available as a pale or dark lager.  But what I didn’t expect was the popularity of radlers – every beer brand was also available in a radler and in multiple flavours…..lemon, lime, grapefruit and blood orange.  Radlers are great, especially if you want something with the carbonation of a beer but don’t like the taste.  We also discovered some micro-beers, most being brewed in the Istria region of Croatia like Favorit and San Servolo.  The best part of all was the price of beer in Croatia, with the exception of Dubrovnik, on average the cost of a 500ml bottle of beer was $2 Canadian dollars – at that price, any beer would taste great!

Beer - ozujsko

Ozujsko – local Croatian light lager.

Beer - union red orange

Union Radler – a beer and red orange juice combination from Slovenia.

Beer - Pan

Pan light lager beer produced in Croatia and owned by Carlsberg Group (Denmark)

Beer - union grapefruit

Another Union Radler, this time in grapefruit flavour.

Beer - ozujsko radler

Ozujsko also makes radlers in pink grapefruit.

Beer - Pan radler

Pan lemon lime radler.

Beer - Karlovacko

Karlovacko, another Croatian beer that is named after and brewed in the city of Karlovac, Croatia.

Beer - Favorit

Favorit beer, a Croatian beer brewed in Buzet, Istria in northern Croatia.

Beer - Sarajevsko

Sarajevsko – as the name suggests, this beer originates and is brewed in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Beer - San Servolo

San Servolo – a relatively new beer brewed in Buje, Istria in northwestern Croatia.





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