Croatia: Jarunski Dvori

Although we actually stayed in Dubrovnik longer than any other location in Croatia, it was Zagreb that really surprised and excited me from a culinary perspective.  Jarunski Dvori, a restaurant that came as a recommendation from our apartment landlord and whenever I get a suggestion from a local resident, 9 times out of 10, its a great meal!  And how fitting, it was located on Lake Jarun where locals and athletes can enjoy rowing and paddling – perfect for four dragon boat teammates to enjoy dinner.  The specialty here was grilled meats, a staple in the Croatian culinary scene.  Seeing it was our second last night in this beautiful country, I decided to go for the mixed grilled meat platter made up of pljeskavica (hamburger), cevapi (minced meat croquette), odrezak od pilecih prsa (chicken fillet), and pork neck – a completely satisfying dish and will admit that 2 weeks post-vacation, I went vegetarian.  I finished the meal with a torta, cake with a dense cheesecake as the crust and topped with a layer of whipped cream and local cheese – it had a very subtle flavour, very different from a New York style cheesecake.  A good way to end the meal since the main course was filled with smoke, strong herbs and salt.

Jarunski - salad

A very simple Salata Sa Sirom (salad with cheese).

Jarunski - peppers

Paprika Pecena Ljuta or in other words, hot roasted peppers.

Jarunski - risotto

Unfortunately, the only vegetarian main available on the menu, risotto with grilled vegetables.

Jarunski - lamb

Grilled lamb chops served with hot chutney.

Jarunski - cevapi

Cevapi platter – grilled minced meat croquettes with hot pepper chutney.

Jarunski - mixed meat

Grilled mixed meat platter.

Jarunski - torta

Torta – light and airy cake with a dense cheesecake crust and topped with whipped cream-cheese.





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