Restaurant of the Month: The Black Hoof

I love trying out restaurants and I often feel like my list of must-try restaurants gets longer and longer.  This past Thursday I was finally able to cross one restaurant off my list – The Black Hoof!  I first read about the Black Hoof in enRoute magazine (Air Canada’s on flight mag) on my way to Austria.  That issue featured the top 10 new restaurants across Canada and this little restaurant landed at No. 2 on the list.  It is located in an unassuming neighborhood in Toronto.  This place is definitely for the adventurous carnivore – the nose to tail menu is full of rare items: neck, brains and foie.  I was so excited to finally be here, my eyes were bigger than my stomach!  My friend G and I ordered some cocktails and 5 dishes (one appetizer and 4 mains), no dessert – I just had no room!  The one dish that I would order each time I come back would be the horse tartare!  I know what you’re going to say but let me assure you, it was melt in your mouth delicious!

Here was our meal in order:

The Black Hoof

Cocktails - Lavendar Pisco Sour and Tea & Sympathy

House cured meat (charcuterie) - chorizo, spicy summer sausage, mortadella, garlic and duck proscuitto

Horse tartare - with capers and crispy onions

Pork carnitas tacos & Tongue on brioche

Lamb neck and eggplant




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