Denmark: Sunset Boulevard

As you guess from my earlier post on McDonald’s in Denmark, I allow myself to indulge in fast food while on vacation, something that I often don’t do normally (or I try not to).  We came across Sunset Boulevard along the main pedestrian street in Copenhagen just a few blocks from our apartment.  Craving for something quick, cheap and cheerful we decided to  try it out.  In general, the Danish diet seems to be pretty healthy with lots of fish, vegetables and grains.  By the looks of it, so is their fast food.  I ordered their moroccan salad and unexpectedly it was a deliciously flavourful salad.  Full of couscous, beans, hummus, greens and pine nuts with an olive oil dressing.  Of course, I had to balance the healthy with a little bad, an order of french fries 🙂


Sunset Boulevard.

Sunset - menu

The menu at Sunset Boulevard.

Sunset - meal

Moroccan Salad with a side of french fries and mayonnaise.

Sunset - close up

My order of Moroccan Salad.

Sunset - burger

The original burger at Sunset.

Sunset - inside

Interior of Sunset Boulevard.





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