Japan 2012: Nishiki Market

Located in Kyoto, Nishiki Market is a fun place to discover, see and taste some really unique Japanese foods.  The market is located in downtown Kyoto, a short metro ride from the central JR (Japan Rail) Kyoto Station.  The market is a narrow covered alley that runs along 4 blocks.  It is stall after stall of small food shops offering anything from fresh produce to ready-made dishes to bring home for dinner.  One of the most unique items I found was “chocolate croquettes”!  Croquettes are really popular in Japan, I grew up eating my mom’s croquettes which are made out of potatoes (mashed), ground beef, onions and flavoured with curry powder.  They are then shaped into rounds, breaded and deep fried.  I don’t know how they did it but when I bit into the chocolate croquette, it was like eating chocolate pudding which was somehow rolled into a ball, breaded and deep fried!  Genius!

Nishiki Market in downtown Kyoto.

The stall selling all different kinds of croquettes!

Gooey chocolate croquette! YUM!

A stall offering traditional Japanese dinner dishes.

A stall selling japanese style fish kebabs.

A stall dedicated to misozuke - form of pickling vegetables using miso.

A stall selling a variety of fresh fish cakes!




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