Croatia: Dolac Market

Croatia: Dolac Market

I decided to end of the 2015 year with one last post about my trip to Croatia.  If you ask anyone who has travelled with me, they will all tell you that I am “obsessed” (maybe obsessed is a strong

Pula: Sunday Market

Early Sunday morning after exploring the beautiful Roman Amphitheatre, we stumbled upon a market located just outside the entrance to the amphitheatre and you know me, I had to check it out.  Well, it was a total score!  We discovered

Monastery Bakery & Deli

Monastery Bakery & Deli

I have heard on multiple occasions from multiple friends about Monastery Bakery & Deli in Oakville, Ontario.  So after a morning stand-up paddle session, my teammates and I took a “field trip” out to Monastery Bakery for coffee and a

Toronto International Dragon Boat Festival 2015

Toronto International Dragon Boat Festival 2015

A few weeks ago, I participated in the Toronto International Dragon Boat Festival hosted on Toronto’s Centre Island.  When I paddle in races I don’t typically allow myself to eat during the day, with the exception of some fruit as

Denmark: Fotex

Everyone who knows me knows that wherever I go I must visit a grocery store at least once during my trip.  I love walking up and down the aisles looking at the different products, discovering what flavours are popular or

California: Brentwood Country Mart

One of the gems of Santa Monica is the Brentwood Country Mart.  Its a collection of shops, most are specialty and local in nature, with an upscale farmer’s market vibe.  We first visited the Farm Shop, a restaurant slash artisan

Field Trip: Strawberry Picking

For the past 18 days now I’ve been on a “no dairy, no sugar (natural or artificial), no grain” challenge with my dragon boat team. So I thought to take advantage of the summer season, I wanted to go strawberry

London: Borough Market

Back in August 10, 2012, I wrote my first post on Borough Market and I love this market so much that I make it a point to go every time I’m in London.  What makes this visit different from the

London: M&S

Canadian grocery stores are getting better (thank you President’s Choice) but the department stores definitely need to catch up when it comes to food halls.  Oh, how I miss the good old days before Marks & Spencer decided to close

London: Ruby Dock Cafe

We visited Camden Lock Market on an early Wednesday morning and of course, we planned on finding a place there to have breakfast and our most important morning coffee! Roaming through the alleys we came upon Ruby Dock Cafe.  With