Japan 2012: Harbs

If there’s one thing you notice about the Japanese, its their love for sweets.  Very much influenced by France and the rest of Europe, their cakes and pastries are based on European techniques but add Japanese flavour profiles.  Flavours like: sakura (cherry blossoms), green tea, chestnut and yuzu (a citrus fruit from okinawa).  On one of the days, my cousin suggested going to a cake restaurant called “Harbs“.  Located in a department store in downtown Nagoya, we can view all the different cakes they create before we were taken to our table .  I was told that Harbs was famous for their signature “mille crepe” cake, so of course I had to give it a try.  It was absolutely delicious!  Very light, creamy and full of seasonal fruit!  Each layer is made up of a perfectly made crepe, whip cream and strawberries and kiwi – it completely met my expectations!

The infamous mille crepe cake – just look at the layers of crepe with whip cream and fruit, YUM!

Harbs Cake Restaurant in Nagoya

Look at all the cakes! So hard to choose which one to try.

Strawberry Millefeuille – this just looks so puffy and light!

Sakura Cake – cherry blossomed flavoured mousse with sugared cherry blossoms.

Marron Tart – chocolate chip whipped cream in a pie tart topped with chestnut cream.




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