London: Pho

This is how much good food I had in London, I’m still not finished talking about it!  We’re in some sort of deep freeze here in Toronto and do I wish I was in London right now eating some of this delicious Vietnamese food.  Just located around the corner of Oxford Circus, my friend M took me to a cool little spot called Pho.  One of my all time favourite Vietnamese dishes is Bun – vermicelli noodles.  Its a cold thin rice noodle dish that is traditionally topped with shredded lettuce, herbs, bean sprouts, some sort of protein (I love it with marinated beef) and peanuts.  Its served with a spring roll and a dressing, nuoc cham, that is brought to you on the side and then poured over the dish.  If you’ve never had Bun, like a lot of asian dishes, its a perfect sweet and sour combination with a lot of crunch!  And the best way to finish it off….a glass of ice cold and strong Vietnamese coffee with a good thick layer of sweetened condensed milk!  Soooo good!

Pho - appetizer

Nem Nuong – pork and lemongrass meatballs with peanut sauce.

Pho - mango salad

Goi xoai – spicy green mango salad!

Pho - pho chin

Pho chin – traditional vietnamese noodle soup with tender brisket.

Pho - Bun

Bun – vermicelli noodles with beef, lemongrass, onions and chilli fried toppings, bean sprouts, herbs, peanuts and a veggie springroll.

Pho - vietnamese coffee

Vietnamese iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk.

Pho - lemongrass tea

Lemongrass tea.

Pho - inside

Inside Pho.








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