Gifts From Japan!

This year has definitely been a year for my family travelling back to Japan, this time, it was my older brother’s turn.  He travelled to various Asian countries (Malaysia and Philippines) and ended his almost 4 weeks with a brief visit to Japan stopping in Hiroshima, Nagoya and Tokyo to visit relatives.  Much to my joy, my cousin M sent a package of goodies back with my brother for me 🙂  Inside my box were some cookies, rice crackers, candy and my favourite: Furikake!  For those that know me know that I hate eating plain white rice and ever since I could remember I’ve eaten rice with various toppings.  One of my favourite, cheapest and easiest ways of eating rice is with a sprinkling of furikake.  Furikake come in a variety of flavours traditionally: katsuo (smoked and dried tuna), wakame (seaweed), goma (sesame), tamago (egg) and tarako (salted cod roe).  And of course, they like to introduce some new flavours like this one: curry!  So yummy!  Thanks cousin M, I miss you and Japan already!

My Goodie Basket from Cousin M!

Furikake – so many different flavours, my favourite is the tamago (egg) in the green packet!

Bowl of white rice with curry flavoured furikake – YUM!

Curry Furikake – CoCo Curry House brand, a famous franchised curry restaurant in Japan.




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