Road Trip: Pan Chancho Bakery

It was just past 2pm and we had been on the road for over 2 and a half hours, perfect time for a break to each lunch.  Recommended by one of our paddlers on the team, we decided to get off the highway and head into downtown Kingston to Pan Chancho Bakery and Cafe.  Its a store, cafe and restaurant with a great patio out back all in one!  As you enter, you are greeted by a smorgasbord of homemade bread, baked goods, desserts and ready-made dishes.  We decided to sit outside on the “home-y” patio to take in the great weather to enjoy our meal.  Looking at the menu the Tarta de Espanol jumped out at me – how can you turn down tomato, fennel and manchego cheese wrapped in pastry!  It was delicious, flakey and so savoury!  I couldn’t resist but buy a a double chocolate cookie on the way out for a little snack later!  If you’re ever in the Kingston area, I highly recommend a stop at Pan Chancho, even if its for a loaf of bread!

Pan Chancho Bakery in Kingston, Ontario.

Assorted bread freshly baked at Pan Chancho.

Assorted desserts at Pan Chancho.

Pan Chancho – Tarta de Espanol (Tomato and Fennel confit with Manchego cheese wrapped in pastry).

Tarta de Espanol – so flakey and yummy!

Pan Chancho – Sweetness & Light (Roasted asparagus and almond salad with a buttermilk and leek biscuit).

Pan Chancho assorted baked goods and cookies!




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