Croatia: Pekarna Dalmatinka

For some reason, everywhere I went in Croatia and no matter which bakery I was in, taking photos was forbidden.  A lot of these bakeries don’t have an online presence so perhaps its a way to fight off the competition,

Croatia: Local Beers

Right from night one in Croatia, I was curious with what locals turned to if they wanted a beer.  While travelling across the country there were brands that I would see everywhere like Ozujsko, Pan, Karlovacko and Union.  I gathered

Pula: Sunday Market

Early Sunday morning after exploring the beautiful Roman Amphitheatre, we stumbled upon a market located just outside the entrance to the amphitheatre and you know me, I had to check it out.  Well, it was a total score!  We discovered

Sansotei Ramen

What’s great about having a blog are the suggestions I get from others, especially from other Foodies – our eyes go wide and our talk gets accelerated (at least this is what happens to me when I start gabbing about



One of the great things about people knowing that I write a food blog is that I get recommendations.  And this one came from my colleague S who asked if I had ever heard of Wahlburgers.  I mean, who knew

Casa Imperial Fine Chinese Cuisine

On the outside, it looks like a large two storey home but when you walk in, the interior is grand.  The rooms have been kept intact with dark wood trim and chandeliers hanging from the ceilings – I almost felt


Lately I’ve been craving Thai food like crazy, so much so that I’ve even gone as far as trying to make pad thai at home and frankly, it never does taste as good as it does when someone else makes

East Coast Roadtrip: My Favourite Things

After 13 days traveling up and down the US east coast, I’ve posted just some of my favourite foods I’ve discovered.  You gotta love the US for its variety which is what makes grocery shopping so much fun, at least

East Coast Roadtrip: Martha Lou's Kitchen

Just like the Daily (my previous post), I also discovered Martha Lou’s Kitchen from a fellow Instagrammer.  Really hard to miss, the bright pink and colourful exterior is located in the middle of an industrial neighborhood just north of Charleston’s

East Coast Roadtrip: The Village Cafe

This was a bit of an unexpected stop which is what I love about touring in a car, its these types of things that you tend miss if you were taking a train or plane.  Leaving Washington DC, we started