The Burger's Priest

Over the December holidays, I finally had a chance (it took me awhile) to try out the much talked about Burger’s Priest.  The Burger’s Priest lovers are not going to like what I’m about to say but my order of

Dumpling King

When it comes to dumplings and China town, my friend M always knows where to go.  This time she took me to Dumpling King, an unassuming joint on Dundas Street a few blocks East of Spadina.  They do a couple

Denmark: Sunset Boulevard

As you guess from my earlier post on McDonald’s in Denmark, I allow myself to indulge in fast food while on vacation, something that I often don’t do normally (or I try not to).  We came across Sunset Boulevard along

Denmark: Mc Donald's

So I can’t remember why but one morning we decided to go searching for a McDonald’s and lucky for us, we found one in the main square in downtown Aarhus.  The breakfast menu wasn’t as extensive as they are in

Denmark: Fotex

Everyone who knows me knows that wherever I go I must visit a grocery store at least once during my trip.  I love walking up and down the aisles looking at the different products, discovering what flavours are popular or

Denmark: Joe & The Juice

As we were walking around Aarhus and eventually around the country of Denmark, we notice the large pink round signs with a distinct image of a man and resting on his elbow in front of a cup of joe.  Joe

California: Tatsu

You would think that from my recent posts I’ve missed Japanese food and well, I have!  As much as I like to think that Toronto is a cosmopolitan city with great asian cuisine, it just doesn’t compare to the west

California: Hurry Curry of Tokyo

The second major advantage California has going for it besides the incredible weather (and at this time of year, I question myself daily why I don’t live in Cali), is the selection and quality of Asian restaurants available.  My friends

California: Venice Whaler

Staying in Santa Monica and being so close to Venice, you know we had to make a visit to the famous muscle beach! After hanging out at the beach for a couple of hours and taking a walk on the

California: Taco Loco

Of course, going to California means tacos!  Driving up the Pacific Coast Highway in search of dinner, we found a total dive.  Seriously, it was attached to a parking garage and because the space is so small its divided into