Happy 2012!

The past month has been a time for celebrating, getting together with friends and reflection – as I always do when a new year approaches.  And what better way is there to celebrate the new year and my very first blog entry with a treat to myself – I’ve decided to finally invest in a Kitchen Aid mixer!  I have waited a long time for this, no more whipping buttercream by hand, creaming butter and sugar, watching for sales, looking for rebates – I finally took the plunge.  In “almond” no doubt!

I spent a day reorganizing my kitchen counter, I live in a condo and space is a prized possession so I have to think about everything I bring into it.  After a couple of hours, I found the perfect spot, all I can say is that this will not be the last time I mention my mixer, I plan on baking my heart out this year 🙂

Happy New Year!

My new Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer!




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