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My comfort food

I’m doing all I can to fight this cold I have – its slowly moved from a sore throat to a runny nose and now a cough.  When I feel run down and need warmth, I turn to some of my favourite comfort foods to warm me up from the tummy out.  Tonight, its ramen.  Most of you are familiar with ramen as something you survive on through university – quick, instant and easy to make – the Kraft Dinner of Asia.  For as long as I can remember, my family has been eating ramen (homemade and instant) and in Japan you can get a quick and delicious ramen bowl from any noodle house/stand – the broth made fresh.  Here’s my version (no homemade broth but still good on a cold night).  Why not try it at home sometime – when you’re cooking up some instant ramen, add an egg to the boiling water! Enjoy!

My comfort food - hot ramen noodle soup with egg!

Feeling under the weather

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Been feeling under the weather with sniffles and a sore throat for the past couple of days and nothing soothes me better than having a big mug of freshly brewed tea.  I’m going to admit that I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to tea…..loose leaf is the way I go and I drink it straight up, my favourite: Mariage Frères‘ French Breakfast Tea.  Its much lighter and more fragrant than your traditional english breakfast tea, perfect with a wedge of lemon on a cold winter day.

My favourite tea

In Memory Of….

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Scones, finger sandwiches and pastries - photo courtesy of me

I’ve been feeling sad today as my best friend  B lost her mom.  As I try to write it is difficult to put into words how she must be feeling and how my heart goes out to her and her family.  We have been such good friends since grade 7, she is like a sister to me and I will miss her mom dearly…….so I recount the many moments my friend and I have shared on our many travels and remember some of the happier times.  One of which is our very first afternoon tea in London, England.  It was in 2006 at Harrods, in the Georgian Restaurant with another close friend S.  And although we have had a many a great “high teas” since then – for some reason I always remember the first.  The cucumber sandwiches, petit fours, raisin scones, rose jelly and the clotted cream – oooooh, the clotted cream.  If you have never tried it – go out and get some (if you’re located in Canada, I’ve seen it at Loblaws grocery stores).  Its similar to butter but creamier and lighter in flavour.  Everyone deserves a bit of indulgence now and then – especially when shared among great friends.  My thoughts are with you B.

Clotted cream, rose jelly and strawberry preserves! Photo courtesy of my best friend B

Happy 2012!

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The past month has been a time for celebrating, getting together with friends and reflection – as I always do when a new year approaches.  And what better way is there to celebrate the new year and my very first blog entry with a treat to myself – I’ve decided to finally invest in a Kitchen Aid mixer!  I have waited a long time for this, no more whipping buttercream by hand, creaming butter and sugar, watching for sales, looking for rebates – I finally took the plunge.  In “almond” no doubt!

I spent a day reorganizing my kitchen counter, I live in a condo and space is a prized possession so I have to think about everything I bring into it.  After a couple of hours, I found the perfect spot, all I can say is that this will not be the last time I mention my mixer, I plan on baking my heart out this year :)

Happy New Year!

My new Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer!


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