Toronto International Dragon Boat Festival 2015

Toronto International Dragon Boat Festival 2015

A few weeks ago, I participated in the Toronto International Dragon Boat Festival hosted on Toronto’s Centre Island.  When I paddle in races I don’t typically allow myself to eat during the day, with the exception of some fruit as

Zakkushi Sushiya

So a teammate on my dragon boat team, coincidentally a foodie also, recommended Zakkushi to me, claiming it to be one of the best sushi places in Toronto.  Of course, being Japanese and the fact that there are not that

Taste of Toronto 2015

Taste of Toronto 2015

You have to excuse my absence for the past few weeks, dragon boating temporarily took over my life during the month of June with 3 races in 5 weekends.  And although I had a race this past Saturday, I couldn’t

Wine Club: Champagne

The theme for our third wine club get together was Champagne (or aka sparkling wine)!  And what goes great with champagne? Brunch, of course!  We had three different champagnes to try and a lot of egg dishes to go with

Restaurant of the Month: R&D

Toronto is becoming an amazing food city and its taken me a while to come around and my recent dinner at R&D, a newly opened restaurant in Toronto’s bustling Chinatown, has helped in a big way.  If you’re a fan

Cluny Boulangerie

I know that not too long ago, I dined at my February’s Restaurant of the Month, Cluny Bistro.  The decor, atmosphere and food were fabulous completely reminding me of my trips to Paris.  But with each visit I had every

Casa Imperial Fine Chinese Cuisine

On the outside, it looks like a large two storey home but when you walk in, the interior is grand.  The rooms have been kept intact with dark wood trim and chandeliers hanging from the ceilings – I almost felt

Pizzeria Libretto

If you’ve been reading my posts lately, you know that I’ve finally been tackling my restaurant list.  Pizzeria Libretto is another restaurant that I was able to cross off.  Now that they have opened an outpost in the financial district


Lately I’ve been craving Thai food like crazy, so much so that I’ve even gone as far as trying to make pad thai at home and frankly, it never does taste as good as it does when someone else makes

Ruby Watchco

My restaurant list keeps getting larger and larger but I’ve finally knocked one of my oldest entries off the list recently, Ruby Watchco.  I’ve been a fan of Lynn Crawford ever since my meal at Truffles at the Four Seasons