Tim Hortons Latte Anyone?

Tim Hortons Latte Anyone?

Hi, welcome to Tim Hortons – would you like to try our new Latte?

For those that know me well know that I’m a sucker for new products and will try anything once!  One of my addictions is coffee/espresso – I go to Starbucks daily for my grande non-fat bold misto (half coffee/half steamed milk).  With the rising popularity of Starbucks in Canada (especially its recent expansion out into the suburbs), it is no surprise that Tim Hortons (practically an institution in Canada) has come out with their version of a latte.  Although I’m not a big fan of their coffee, I decided to give their latte a try…..let’s just say I’ll be going to Starbucks tomorrow morning 🙂

Give a try yourself!

Next up, McCafe Latte!

Tim Hortons medium latte - photo courtesy of Julia Wilson




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