Croatia: Zuzori

Croatia: Zuzori

After arriving in Dubrovnik in the early evening, we headed into the old city to grab a bite to eat.  Meandering through the narrow alleys you soon discover that many restaurants’ interior spaces are much smaller than their outdoor space which really allows diners to take advantage of the view and weather.  We found a wonderful restaurant called Zuzori, down one of alleyways with an interesting menu using local produce and ingredients.  I started my meal with an aperitif, a shot of Aperol on the rocks (I actually thought I was ordering an Aperol Spritz, the bar menu was in Croatian…lol).  The chorizo and prawn croquette was delicious with a crispy exterior and accompanied with a side of thyme aioli.    However, the most unexpected dish was pumpkin gnocchi made with Rabiola goat cheese (from Italy).  The gnoochi was served “un-sauced” but was brought to the table with three different dipping sauces – pumpkin puree, pesto and a cream sauce.  Reminds me of hot chicken wings and its blue cheese sauce that is meant for the wing to be dipped in.  A really unusual way to eat gnocchi but it made for a great dish allowing you to have a different bite each time.

Zuzori - campari

My first Aperol on the rocks.

Zuzori - tapenade

Fresh made tapenade and locally made olive oil.

Zuzori - croquettes

Croatian Chorizo and Adriatic Prawn croquettes with roasted eggplant and thyme aioli.

Zuzori - appetizer

Croquette and a simple garden salad.

Zuzori - sea bass

Sea bass, pan fried and served with a tomato, olive, mussel and celery brodetto.

Zuzori - risotto

Risotto Carnaroli with mussels from Ston, spumante and scamorza affumicata.

Zuzori - gnocchi

Pumpkin gnocchi with Robiola goat cheese.

Zuzori - dipping sauces

Dipping sauces for the pumpkin gnocchi.


Zuzori in old town Dubrovnik.

Zuzori - inside

Inside the contemporary Zuzori restaurant.





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