Me? In The Paper!

Me? In The Paper!

Its so hard to believe but I’ve been writing my blog for a year now – anniversary date: January 3rd, and I never imagined I would have this much to write about.  In fact, when I first started I thought I would be struggling for content but it has been quite the opposite!  Well, what better way to celebrate than having my name and a picture of my gingerbread snowflakes in the Saturday National Post!!!  To be honest, I actually don’t subscribe to any newspaper publications but a friend brought me a section called “Gastropost – Food Missions for Food Lovers” and suggested I sign up.  So, my first mission and post made it in the January 5th’s National Post!!!  What a way to start the new year, check it out!

My post is in row 3, second from the left!

January 5th Gastropost – courtesy of Gastropost, link is here.  PDF version here.





  • thecircleofit thecircleofit January 07, at 10:32

    that is soooooo amazing!!!! well done!!!! only way is up from here sista!!!! you can create a section about naokoEats in the PRESS!!!

  • Aleks Aleks January 08, at 17:33

    What a great beginning of 2013!


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