Croatia: Dolac Market

Croatia: Dolac Market

I decided to end of the 2015 year with one last post about my trip to Croatia.  If you ask anyone who has travelled with me, they will all tell you that I am “obsessed” (maybe obsessed is a strong word), “love” grocery stores and markets.  Every chance I got, I was exploring and trying local food items.  The largest market in Croatia, the Dolac Market, is in Zagreb located just north of Trg Bana Jelacica (Main Square).  I spent a few hours strolling through the market and below is a collection of my best photos, I hope you enjoy!  Happy Holidays!


A portion of the market in Trg Bana Jelacica. What a beautiful backdrop.

Dolac - produce

The fresh produce portion of the Dolac Market with the Cathedral in the background.

Dolac - woman

The woman at Dolac Market.

Dolac - cheese

Fresh Croatian cheese stall.

Dolac - strudel

Traditional Croatian strudel made with fillings like walnut, poppy seed, cherry, cheese and peach.  These were delicious – the crust was less a pastry and more bread-like texture but the fillings are what made this strudel.

Dolac - mushrooms

Assorted mushrooms.

Dolac - dates

Zizula or also known as jujube fruit, red dates or Chinese/Korean dates.

Dolac - fish

The fish market area of the Dolac Market.

Dolac - scampi

Fresh seafood.

Dolac - limes

How beautiful are these local citrus fruit? Gorgeous!

Dolac - scale

You don’t see these too often, old school scales.

Dolac - chestnut

Fresh raw chestnuts for days and hulled walnuts in the back.

Dolac - squash

Some of the largest pumpkins and squash I’ve seen.

Dolac - flatbread

Homemade flatbread stuffed with a layer of a local Croatian herb.

Dolac - slice of flatbread

Diving into a slice of traditional flatbread.

Dolac - meat market

The meat market located below the open air produce market.

Dolac - pickled veg

The market even has a pickled vegetable stall area.

Dolac - chicharron

Fried pork skin or chicharron. The Croatian’s love their pork.

Dolac - pickles

Homemade pickled vegetables.




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