Winterlicious: Bar Buca

Winterlicious: Bar Buca

I first need to call out and admit that my camera broke which is why my photos of late and especially the photos in this post are so grainy – I’ve had to resort to the camera on my phone 🙁 However, it didn’t stop me from enjoying all the delicious food that Bar Buca had to offer on their Winterlicious menu.  Bar Buca offers a menu of Italian small plates that is best shared (almost tapas style).  Looking at the menu it is very deceiving, you think it won’t fill you up but by the time you end the meal your tummy feels completely satisfied.  What I loved was the service while you waited for a table to become free – that’s right, they take no reservations.  So come early.  But while we waited and sipped on cocktails, the servers brought a couple plates of delicious morsels of food to tie us over – that is what I call service!  We had a great meal overall but three dishes really stood out.  The Tenta which is deep fried pig’s head was surprisingly delicious and it had a bit of a kick that cut through the crispy skin.  The Barbabietole, roasted beet salad, was to die for!  There are good beet salads out there but there was something about this one and I think it was the stracciatella that elevated it to the next level.  And finally the Porchetta Schiacciata, a homemad Italian flatbread stuffed with juicy and flavourful slices of pork and pork cracklings (need I say more!).


Bar Buca

barbuca - ciociara

Some cocktails while we wait for our table – the ciociara, a gin based cocktail with grenadine, tonic and lemon.

Barbuca - cheese bites

Some bar bites while we wait – small balls of dough stuffed with cheese.

Barbuca - tempura

Plate of crispy vegetable tempura.

Barbuca - granato

The Granato made with vodka, grenadine, grapefruit, lime and orange bitters.

Barbuca - crudo and testa

Crudo of arctic char and Testa crisp pig’s head.

Barbuca - sardella

Sardella – crostini topped with young smelts, chili and burrata.

Barbuca - barbabietole

Barbabietole – soft baked beets, stracciatella, pistachio and sea buckthorn berries.

Barbuca - sausage

Ammazza Fegato – tuscan sausage, farro and mushrooms.

Barbuca - porchetta

Porchetta Schiacciata – roast tuscan pork, mascarpone, apple mostarda and agliata (garlic sauce).

Barbuca - cauliflower

Caponata di Cavolfiore – roasted cauliflower in agrodolce.

Barbuca - salsicce

Salsicce Schiacciata – ciociara-style pork and fennel sausage, roasted sweet red pepper, cipollini and scamorza.

Barbuca - desserts

Assorted sweets – cannoli, biscotti, amaretti and torta.





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