Japan 2016: Mister Donut

Japan 2016: Mister Donut

The Japanese love their donuts and one of the largest chains in Japan is Mister Donut.  No longer existing in North America you can only get Mister Donut donuts in Asia and they have created flavours specific to the Asian market.  One of the unique and popular donuts is the Pon De Ring – it kind of reminds me of those baby teething rings except these taste a lot sweeter.  The pon de ring is similar to the texture of the french cruller, really light and airy.  The original is the sugar glazed but a strawberry glazed is available as well as a pumpkin spice (I visited Japan just prior to Halloween), depending on the season you’ll typically see unique flavoured pon de rings launched by Mister Donut.

The very popular Pon de ring donuts in sugar glazed, pumpkin spiced and strawberry glazed.

Shelves of donuts including french crullers (some stuffed with custard cream) and pon de rings.

Selection of donuts including maple donut sticks.

Old fashioned cake donut dipped in dark chocolate.

Sugar glazed churro.

Strawberry glazed pon de ring donut.

This Mister Donut is located in the ultra modern Kyoto JR Station on the 2nd level overlooking the main hall.




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