India: Ladies Sangeet & Mehndi

India: Ladies Sangeet & Mehndi

dsc_4698Indian wedding celebrations last a number of nights and on my third night in India, we had probably the “most fun” night of the wedding at the Ladies Sangeet and Mehndi!  Why not the reception?….This night is reserved for only the brides side with the attention on the women and bride to be.  It first started with a mehndi session where my hands were beautifully decorated with intricate designs using a natural dye, henna.  Then it was time for the bride to get covered in some sort of paste (not sure what it is made of) by her family and friends – called the Vatna.  It is said that this is to make the bride more beautiful on the wedding day.  After all is said and done, we finally busted out in dance and boliyan (song of expressions that are passed down from generation to generation).  And throughout the entire night, of course, we were well fed!  Again, starting with a number of appetizers – my favourite being the grilled tandoori paneer, it was delicious!  I wasn’t counting but I couldn’t helping popping those in my mouth all night.  I then had a plate full of curries, including my all-time most delicious butter chicken, and naans – baked in a tandoor oven built within a steel drum!  Brilliant!



My mehndi (my hands are in the centre), loved it!


The view of the beautiful courtyard from a top R’s roof!


I fell in love with this stuff – Limca!


My dinner plate full of tasty curries and roti!


A pretty unique clay oven made within a metal barrel.


Mutton gosh – a lamb curry.


My favourite Indian dish ever – butter chicken!


The start of the buffet line.


The salad bar.


My appetizer plate – grilled chicken, fish pakora and grilled tandoori paneer.





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