Croatia: Ice Cream For Days

Croatia: Ice Cream For Days

So who would have thought ice cream to be one of the best things in Croatia!  Yes, ice cream!  With its proximity to Italy, I guess its not that much of a stretch.  Well, it was so good that I had to have one if not, two every day while I was in Croatia.  Below are just a collection of some of the more unique and favourite flavours we discovered on the trip throughout the country.  Flavours like Kinder (that’s right, made with pieces of kinder egg chocolates), coconut, dark chocolate, pistachio and nougat were very common everywhere we went – almost staples at all sladoled (ice cream in Croatian) shops.  However, I also came across some flavours I’ve never seen like Red Bull, apple pie and Jaffa (vanilla with swirls of Jaffa orange marmalade and dark chocolate) – all were so delicious and true to their flavours they were named after, especially the Red Bull flavoured gelato it almost made me want a shot of Jagermeister 🙂 I guess a pint of Haagen Dazs will have to do!

IceCream - stracciatella

My first of the trip on the island of Pag – Stracciatella ice cream.

IceCream - red bull

Ice cream in Zadar – Red Bull flavoured ice cream.

IceCream - kinder

Still in Zadar, Kinder flavoured ice cream – a really popular flavour in Croatia.

IceCream - whisky

Ice Cream in Trogir – Whisky Cream flavour.

IceCream - Sir

Sir Cheesecake flavoured ice cream.

IceCream - After Eight

After Eight flavoured ice cream.

IceCream - bitter orange

Bitter Orange flavoured ice cream.

IceCream - apple pie

A little blurry but its Apply Pie flavoured ice cream from Dubrovnik.

IceCream - extra dark

Extra dark chocolate ice cream in Dubrovnik.

IceCream - cherry

Cherry flavoured ice cream.

IceCream - coconut

Smooth and light, Coconut ice cream.

IceCream - nougat

Nougat flavoured ice cream.

IceCream - pistachio

Natural Pistachio flavoured ice cream.

IceCream - jaffa

Jaffa flavoured ice cream – a combination of vanilla ice cream with Jaffa orange and dark chocolate.




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