TUM: Toronto Underground Market

This past weekend was a busy one for me – The Artist Project opening night, dinner at a new restaurant (my next resto of the month) and my first trip to TUM.  The Toronto Underground Market launched its first event on September 24, 2011 to huge success.  Using the Evergreen Brick Works as a hosting venue, TUM is a market that allows home cooks and entrepreneurs bring their food fare to the public.  Tickets were only $10 for entry and a majority of the food prices were $5 or less.  Everything from cupcakes, donuts, macaroons and pies to popovers, dumplings and risotto.  As my friends E, H and I entered the outdoor space we first surveyed the offerings to determine what we wanted to try.  Our first stop, the very long 1.5 hour line up for La Carnita – and I must say, the steak tartare tostada called the “carnie crudo” was by far the tastiest item I ate that night!  Other worthy mentions: bacon donut (glazed donut with a bacon bit topping similar to sprinkles), duck confit french onion soup, red velvet macaroon and butter chicken & waffles.  Can’t wait for the next one in April!

Crazy line up for La Carnita!

Steak tartare tostada by La Carnita

Butter chicken & waffles by The Royal Tree Beaver

Pork belly steamed bun

Dumpling trio - kimchi dumpling, foie gras dumpling and a duck confit dumpling!

Macaroons by The Sweetest Secret




  • saveng saveng March 15, at 08:51

    C or N, hhhmmmm :) let me know when this TUM takes place again...like to check it out thx


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