Goodies from Iceland

Most of you know that I love grocery shopping!  I think it tells so much about a country’s culture.  With such a small country like Iceland (population approx. 350,000), it was tough to find items that were actually made in

Iceland: Fishmarkadurinn

You can’t go to Iceland and not eat fish or seafood at some point, its an Island!  Another recommendation by our trusted rentee was Fishmarkadurinn (or Fish Market).  Located in a coastal-looking house in the middle of downtown Reykjavik, we

Iceland: Kornid

I know this is my third post on a bakery in Iceland but what can I say, I had to write about my favourite pastry I’ve eaten on this trip…..its like my love for the pain au chocolat when I

Iceland: Laundromat Cafe

What a unique concept!  You need to wait while you do your laundry so why not grab a great meal and a pint or catch up on the news while your clothes are in the cycle?  Although the idea of

Iceland: Baejarins beztu pylsur

I love street food!  And when I found out there was a hot dog stand in Reykjavik that sold delicious hot dogs, well you know I had to try them.  The stand is called Baejarins Beztu Pylsur – translation: Best Hot

Iceland: Grillmarkadurinn

After reading about Iceland and some of their unique cuisine, well you know I had to at least give them a try.  One of the items is horse and when you’re driving around the country you see plenty of sheep

Iceland: Dyngja Guesthouse

I know I typically write about my food experiences but thought I would add a post about this cute guesthouse we stayed in overnight in a little town in the South East part of Iceland (Hofn) called Dyngja Guesthouse.  I

Iceland: Kristjans Bakari Konditori

Getting an early start to the day as we head out to see two of the largest waterfalls in Iceland, we stop in at Kristjans Bakari Konditori for our morning coffee and something sweet to eat.

Iceland: Blaa Kannan

Landing in our second city, Akureyri, on our tour of Iceland we took a stroll along the main street of downtown Akureyri looking for a place where we can grab a bite to eat before heading out to the Nature

Iceland: Nesbraud

I don’t know what it is but my appreciation for cafes and coffeehouses have grown on this trip to Iceland and London.  On our way out of Stykkisholmur we stopped by a bakery we saw the previous day driving into