Denmark: My Favourite Things

As I reminisce about my trip to Denmark, I thought I would close off this trip with a final post of my favourite things that I discovered in Denmark.  Some cool items like a cheese slicer, I actually saw this

Denmark: Holm's Bager

I know what you’re thinking, and no, I did not visit every single bakery in Denmark but I wish I had!  Don’t get me wrong, France is still my number one love when it comes to pastries and sweets but

Denmark: Carlsberg

When I’m doing research on a country, one of the things I usually look for are vineyards, distilleries or breweries that I can visit.  To my surprise, I found out that Carlsberg is an original Danish brewery – all this

Denmark: Sunset Boulevard

As you guess from my earlier post on McDonald’s in Denmark, I allow myself to indulge in fast food while on vacation, something that I often don’t do normally (or I try not to).  We came across Sunset Boulevard along

Denmark: Geranium

So I’m going to put it out there and claim…my meal at Geranium was the best dining experience and probably the best meal that I’ve EVER had!  Everything from the flawless service to having the 8th course right in the

Denmark: Cafe Norden

My final four nights in Denmark were spent in Copenhagen.  Other than dinner at the famous Geranium (to be posted later this week), we didn’t book any other meals and on our second night we ended up here at Cafe

Denmark: Radhus Conditoriet

When it came to finally making a decision that we were going to Denmark, my first thoughts were, I’m going to the land of danishes and butter cookies!  And well, it definitely lived up to my expectations.  In Ribe, we

Denmark: Weis Stue

Ribe, the oldest town in Denmark, was high on my list of cities to hit on my tour.  With cobblestone roads and old timber houses and a beautiful prominent Domkirke (Cathedral), it was a charming town fit for leisurely walks

Denmark: Mc Donald's

So I can’t remember why but one morning we decided to go searching for a McDonald’s and lucky for us, we found one in the main square in downtown Aarhus.  The breakfast menu wasn’t as extensive as they are in

Denmark: Fotex

Everyone who knows me knows that wherever I go I must visit a grocery store at least once during my trip.  I love walking up and down the aisles looking at the different products, discovering what flavours are popular or