Croatia: Karlic Tartufi

One of the most memorable experiences of my trip to Croatia was my visit to Karlic Tartufi in the town of Paladini, in the northern region of Istria, Croatia (Thanks to my friend S who visited Karlic Tartufi last year).

Summer BBQ

Summer BBQ

I’ve been to a many a summer BBQs in my life, including many hosted by my parents when growing up, but nothing like the one my friends S & I hosted this past weekend.  It was a food gourmand’s paradise.

Wine Club: Champagne

The theme for our third wine club get together was Champagne (or aka sparkling wine)!  And what goes great with champagne? Brunch, of course!  We had three different champagnes to try and a lot of egg dishes to go with

First Annual Cook-Off: Pizza

And the winner is……well, you be the judge!  The idea of a cook-off was born from my friend I, during a casual conversation about making pizzas on the bbq.  Of course, you need at least two people for a competition,

My Mom’s Kalbi

Ever since my parents downsized to a condo, we don’t have the luxury of being able to BBQ in the backyard.  So when my mom suggested doing BBQ for the first time at the condo and grilling her famous kalbi

Mom’s Bake Sale

This weekend, the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre was having their New Year celebration and part of the celebration was to allow vendors to come in and sell Japanese goods.  One of the vendors was my mom, who is somewhat infamous

Easy Peasy Paella

Dare I say rice cooker and paella in the same sentence!  That’s right, a simple way to make paella where you won’t need to slave over the stove top.  My fellow teammate on my dragonboat team JS casually mentioned a

Happy Thanksgiving!

We do turkey three times a year so I’m always looking forward to the holidays especially when it involves the “big bird”.  And every time we do turkey, well, I only know how to do turkey the way my mom

Hiyashi Chuka

I don’t know about you but I’m already feeling the summer blues 🙁 With the passing of Labour Day and the arrival of cooler nights, it feels as though summer is over but what a fantastic summer it was!  So,