One of the great things about people knowing that I write a food blog is that I get recommendations.  And this one came from my colleague S who asked if I had ever heard of Wahlburgers.  I mean, who knew

The Burger's Priest

Over the December holidays, I finally had a chance (it took me awhile) to try out the much talked about Burger’s Priest.  The Burger’s Priest lovers are not going to like what I’m about to say but my order of

Denmark: Sunset Boulevard

As you guess from my earlier post on McDonald’s in Denmark, I allow myself to indulge in fast food while on vacation, something that I often don’t do normally (or I try not to).  We came across Sunset Boulevard along

Denmark: Mc Donald's

So I can’t remember why but one morning we decided to go searching for a McDonald’s and lucky for us, we found one in the main square in downtown Aarhus.  The breakfast menu wasn’t as extensive as they are in

California: In & Out Burger

Looking outside my window and watching the snow come down, I really wish I was back on vacation in California.  This was my first trip to the west coast of the US and having landed at 9pm, my colleague (I

India: McDonald's

What’s great about fast food joints like McDonald’s is the consistency – you know what you’re going to get!  And don’t get me wrong, I love experiencing different cultures through food but I’m just as curious how large international food

Road Trip: Motor Burger

One of my favourite shows on the food network is “You Gotta Eat Here“.  So when I had to go to Windsor, Ontario for work, eating dinner at Motor Burger was first on the agenda.  We practically raced there making

Iceland: Grillmarkadurinn

After reading about Iceland and some of their unique cuisine, well you know I had to at least give them a try.  One of the items is horse and when you’re driving around the country you see plenty of sheep

Restaurant of the Month: Richmond Station

I may have mentioned it a few times already but I love Top Chef!  Yes, the television show – Top Chef, Top Chef Masters and Top Chef Canada!  So you can imagine how excited I was to have finally dined

Burger Day!

Two weeks ago, it was burger week in Toronto where participating restaurants created their own unique burger to be put on their menus for just $5.  But the best part of burger week is Burger Day – the final day