Road Trip: Mr. Martin’s Farm

Road Trip: Mr. Martin’s Farm

For a few years now, former colleagues of mine, somehow through their network met Mr. Martin who runs a small pig farm.  They have been purchasing pork direct from his farm ever since and it’s taking me this long to join in on the action! So I finally put an order in a few months ago and this past weekend we all made a road trip to the country to pick up our pork.  Little did I know that I was going to get so much more.  In addition to the usual pork chops, bacon, ribs, and ground pork, Mr. Martin cures his own pepperettes and hand grinds his own flours!  He grows wheat and rye!  So with my bread making course I took a few weeks ago I couldn’t resist picking up some organic, hand ground whole wheat flour and rye flour.  With permission, I was allowed to snap some pictures of the small working farm – they gave us a tour, although I have to admit, I didn’t last too long as the stench was too strong for me…I’m such a city girl 🙂

Mr. Martin’s Farm – his only form of advertising other than by word of mouth.

Love this sign – Horse-drawn carriage crossing.

The Martin Farmhouse.

Mr. Martin’s wagon.

Inside the barn – Mr. Martin’s pig pen.

The pigs were enormous! Who knew they got so big!

True farm to table – my pork order. Look at that fatty bacon, I can’t wait to fry some up!

Mr. Martin’s hand cranked mill.




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