One Sweet Indulgence At A Time: Strawberry Buttercream Cupcake

I saw the sign up for months about a new cupcake shop called Prairie Girl opening up in the downtown core of Toronto’s financial district.  Since I was going uptown to visit my friend B, I thought it would be the perfect time to bring a few cupcakes for us to try.  We tried red velvet cream cheese, banana chocolate, chocolate strawberry and the treat of the week: pina colada.  The cupcakes were delish!  My favourite – the strawberry buttercream!  My friend S was right, to die for!  The strawberry buttercream had chunks of real strawberry swirled into the icing – it was rich and creamy, definitely a special treat!  I think I’m a bit inspired to do some of my own baking this week 🙂

Prairie Girl cupcakes - can you see the chunks of strawberry?




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