London: Monmouth Coffee Company

When my friend M and I arrived at London’s Borough Market, I noticed a very long line that snaked around the corner and into the Monmouth Coffee Shop.  I love coffee, especially when its over ice on a hot summer day!  So when I saw this line, well frankly, I needed to find out what all the fuss was about.  Yes, I stood in this line and ordered my first Monmouth coffee.  In Canada, I’m used to the espresso machines, traditional home coffee machines and french presses – but this is the first I’ve seen a drip ceramic filter sitting directly over the cup.  The coffee was strong and delicious!  Perfect for sipping while browsing the market.


Long line into Monmouth Coffee Company cafe.

Monmouth - inside

Inside the cafe.

Monmouth - interior

Seating area to enjoy your coffee.

Monmouth - filters

Ceramic filters all lined up and ready to go.

Monmouth - filters

Coffee dripping through filters.

Monmouth - full filters

Hot water poured into filters full of ground coffee.

Monmouth - simple interior

Monmouth’s simple interior.






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