Japan bound!

I literally can’t contain my excitement as I pack my two suitcases for what will be a trip full of family visits, shopping and of course eating!  I haven’t been back to Japan since 2005 but this time I’ll be going back with my mom for her family reunion!  So we’re spending a good chunk of time in various cities, mostly south of Tokyo and when I look back at my last visit what I reminisce the most is the FOOD 🙂 So in honour of my heritage, some of the best Japanese food in Toronto can be found at Guu!  An Izakaya (traditional Japanese drinking bar that serves small plates – Japanese tapas) that first opened in Vancouver.  You won’t find sushi here but only some of city’s greatest Japanese cuisine.  And the atmosphere – prepare for a lively group of hosts and chefs.  I will be in transit over the next few days so I leave you with some of my favourite dishes until I log in on the other side of the Pacific!

Cocktail of choice - calpico sour

Kinoko bibimbap - rice, mushrooms, cheese and egg

Kimchi udon

Special for the night - smoked/grilled salmon on rice




  • Simply Tia Simply Tia March 15, at 11:03

    Your trip sounds like it will be very exciting. Have a wonderful time. Lovely food photos!

  • thecircleofit thecircleofit April 09, at 08:10

    when will you be toronto bound? i want to hear all about your adventures in Japa - hurry up already! www.thecircleofit.com


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