Japan 2016: Buri Sake Bar

Japan 2016: Buri Sake Bar

On our first weekend in Tokyo we decided to hit a popular sake bar called Buri, located in the Ebisu district of Tokyo.  Entering through the tinted glass doors I didn’t realize how small the standing room only bar was. It is a single room with the circular bar located in the centre.  Why this bar is so popular is because of its selection of sake and how they serve it.  They store the sake in freezers and when taken out, the servers shake sake cups which crystalizes the sake and turns them into a slushy texture.  Its a great way to drink sake especially for someone like me who isn’t a big sake drinker, the frozen texture made the sake go down smooth.  The bar also served snacks like yakitori and various vegetables grilled on skewers but this place really is about the sake.  I loved the relaxed vibe and because of the circular shaped bar, it was conducive to socializing – I’d go back here in a heart beat!

Buri, a sake bar in the Ebisu district of Tokyo.

The circular bar located in the centre of the room.

The back wall of Buri covered in sake cups hiding a secret door to the restroom.

A small habachi grill for yakitori snacks.

Chicken and green onion yakitori.

Shishito peppers and shiitake mushroom yakitori.

Popular slushy sake cups.

Need a lighter? Spare lighters line the ledge of the bar trim.




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